Viva La Dirt League: The Great Expansion (Late Pledge)

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Greetings Adventurer! The Kickstarter is over... but the GREAT EXPANSION has only just begun! You can still get access to the EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes (and a few of our digital goodies) by making a late pledge. **psst also, we might have just gotten keys to our new building!! Get access below --

Latest Updates from Our Project:

UPDATE: We got a studio!
over 1 year ago – Sat, Aug 20, 2022 at 01:01:37 AM

Hello Adventurers,

We are so excited to share that WE'VE GOT A STUDIO! 

Standing in one of the warehouses that will become a set!

After a very long process of looking at and declining different places and then being rejected by others we liked (if you're following our BTS blog you'll know all about it) - we finally had an offer accepted and we are over the moon :D

Featured: Al Seconi (sound guy) + Ash (production co-ordinator)

It's officially ours and we wanted to share some pics with you from the studio warming we had with our cast and crew last weekend. 

Featured: Adam, Sean (director and editor), Tom (our main cameraman), John (camera assistant)

Our crew are so special to us, and many of them you've probably never seen before but they are a HUGE part of VLDL and we literally wouldn’t be here without them. 

Our editors - Ash + Ben

So it was awesome to show them the new place and inject even more hope into the future! Since the inception of VLDL, our entire crew have worked remotely and away from each other, only relying on technology and sporadic meetings to communicate. 

Rowan's dog Baelin joined in the fun

But thanks to you, we’ve finally been able to give them a home. This studio will now completely streamline our processes, tighten our team, and as a result will bring you bigger and better content.

Featured: Rowan, Zarn (producer), Cycy (head of art and wardrobe), Tom (cameraman)

As it stands, the building is essentially a 'skeleton' and there's a lot of work to do with renovating it - soundproofing, set builds, creating the office etc. But having the space is a HUGE start and we can't wait to move in!

Popping some champagne to celebrate!

Thanks for putting smiles on our entire cast and crew's faces! 

Phoenix, Britt & Ellie

Also in regards to rewards, thanks for your patience as we get your rewards into production. We appreciate it's a long time to wait after parting with your money, but please be assured we are working as quickly as we can! The items are in production now, so we'll have an update in the next few weeks on the timeline for physical rewards.

Your digital wallpapers are ready and they'll be sent out over the next week, so keep an eye on your emails. 

In the meantime, let us know if you have any further questions! Thanks again for all your help and support :) 

When can I expect to receive my rewards? Timeline outline
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jul 08, 2022 at 03:34:47 AM

Hey backers, here's an update on the next steps & the timelines we're working towards for your rewards.

THANK YOU for completing your pledge confirmations! We've had an awesome response rate, so we're stoked you'll be getting your rewards.

As we're sure you can understand, finding a studio is a very long process. There are many factors we have to consider when looking for the right place, and even if we find the perfect spot, it's still dependent on whether our offer is accepted! If you're following our behind-the-scenes diaries, you'll see we've already looked at a lot of places and we're well into the process.

There are a number of rewards that are dependent on actually securing and moving into the studio, so we thank you in advance for your patience on these.

Also, since we had such a huge amount of generous backers (thank you!), the physical rewards and add-ons will also take a few months. This is because we’ve only just been able to confirm the final numbers on each of these items after the completion of your pledge confirmations.

We really appreciate your patience - be assured we are working hard behind the scenes to get everything to you!

Below are the timelines we're working towards for rewards and add-ons:

Digital Rewards:

  •  Behind-the-scenes diaries ($50+) - the first round of access to the blog was granted in mid-May. As of today, everyone who paid for behind-the-scenes should have received an email with instructions on how to access the blog! If you haven't received anything, flick us an email at [email protected] 
  •  Digital animated character gifs (all backers) - 2-3 months away
  •  Digital wallpapers ($15+) - 4-6 weeks away
  •  Exclusive VLDL merch discount codes ($100+) - We’re dropping fresh Epic NPC Man merch in the next 6 weeks, and your first discount code will be available for this! Keep an eye on your emails
  •  Video messages ($500+) - We’re aiming to get these done ASAP, but cannot provide a specific deadline. They should be with you in the next 2-3 months

Studio-dependent rewards:

These are the rewards that can only be fulfilled after we have moved into the new studio. We will provide further updates once we know more about the progress of the studio.

  • Studio opening day livestream (all backers)
  • Pre-screenings to new shows (all backers) - all the news shows with pre-screening rewards will be filmed in the new studio 
  • Mural Wall names ($100+)
  • Mural Wall faces ($5k+)
  • Walk of fame tiles ($15k+)
  • VLDL in-person tour ($30k)
  • Employee of the month featured in Bored episodes ($30k)

Physical rewards & add-ons

As stipulated during the campaign, all physical rewards have a latest delivery date of March 2023. However, we are working hard to get these to you much earlier than this, and we’re aiming to get them to you before the end of 2022.

  • Power coin ($100+)
  • NPC Man sticker set ($100+)
  • The Great Expansion t-shirt ($250+)
  • The Great Expansion poster ($1,500+)
  • Mug
  • Map
  • Face pins
  • Signed postcards

Remember, your shipping address is not locked until we distribute the physical rewards, so you are still able to update your address if it changes. Instructions on how to do this are in Update #36: Answers to your FAQs.

Thanks again for your generosity and patience! You are all wonderful and we’re super grateful to have you all in our community. Feel free to pop any questions you have below :)

Answers to recent FAQs
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 12:05:30 AM

Hey backers,

Thanks for all your efforts to complete your Pledge Confirmations! There's less than 48 hours to get yours done which will guarantee your rewards.

We've had a few FAQs come up so here's some answers below that you might find helpful :)

I was a late-pledge backer, why can't I see my survey?

If you were a late backer, your process is a bit different to those who pledged during the Kickstarter campaign. You won't receive a separate Pledge Confirmation because you would have completed it (without knowing you did) at the time of purchase.

How can I find my Pledge Confirmation?

It should be in your email inbox (the email you used to make your pledge). Search for keywords such as 'Viva La Dirt League' and 'Backerkit'. If you still can't find it, go here - - and type in the email address you pledged with. If you still don't receive an email with a link, contact us and we'll personally send yours to you - contact details below.

I still can't find my pledge confirmation, and I'm not sure if I did it already

Contact us - details below

My confirmation looks different to the screenshots shared in the previous update

In the previous update we shared some screenshots on what to look for, but we had a few people saying their screens looked different. Apologies for the confusion on this, it seems some screens are different for others. However, the main thing to look for are these 3 points:

* We received your order

* Your order has been locked

* Your card has been charged

If you screen says these things, then you have done everything!

Why does it say my shipping address hasn't been locked?

We don't lock postal addresses until shipping, just in case you move house. If you'd like to change your address, you can update it by clicking your completed Pledge Confirmation link, and clicking 'edit address' in the top right corner.

I want to amend my Pledge Confirmation, but it's already locked

Contact us and we can unlock it for you.

Where to contact us

You can contact Backerkit directly by emailing [email protected] - they can make changes to your Pledge Confirmations and also confirm whether you've completed it.

Alternatively, you can direct message us here on Kickstarter or email [email protected]

Hope this clears things up. Comment below if you have any further questions :) 


How to check if you've done your Pledge Confirmation
over 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at 02:50:24 AM

Hello backers!

If you're unsure whether you've completed your Pledge Confirmation, you just need to:

If you have confirmed your pledge, you will see a screen like this:

Or this:

If you haven't done it, your pledge confirmation will come up ready to complete. 

If you can't see your link or email, message us directly on Kickstarter or comment below and we'll sort it out for you :)

Why do we need you to do it?

  • So we know where to send both physical and digital rewards (email address and/or postal address)
  • To get personalised details from you such as, your mural wall name ($100+) and t-shirt size ($250) etc..

There's only 3 days left to complete this! If you don't complete it, you will not receive your rewards.

Thanks for your patience and co-operation :) 

Important updates - pledge confirmations closing soon
over 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 18, 2022 at 01:55:41 AM

Hello Adventurers!

Here's some important updates and info below on the next steps of the Kickstarter campaign:

Pledge Confirmations closing soon

It’s the final week to get your pledge confirmation completed! We’ll be closing submissions on Friday 24th June and it’s mandatory for you to complete this if you want to receive your rewards. Even if you didn’t receive physical rewards, we still need information to get the digital rewards to you. If you do not complete this, you will not receive your rewards.

You can retrieve your personal pledge confirmation here:

Late pledges

You can still make a late pledge at - 24th June is your last chance to make a pledge.

PayPal is now available

If you’ve been having trouble with your payment - maybe you don’t have a credit card or there’s restrictions from your bank - we now have PayPal available on the late pledge page!

Shipping ETA for physical rewards

As stipulated during the Kickstarter campaign, physical rewards and add-ons have a postal ETA of March 2023. However, we are aiming to have these to you much earlier. It will still be a few months away because the production process can only begin after we’ve received every pledge confirmation. Thanks for your patience on this! We have a large amount of generous backers to reward :)

You can still update your address

We appreciate that you may move house between now and receiving your physical rewards. Please know that even though we are locking all orders/rewards, you can still change your postal address, even after the pledge confirmations are closed and right up until we are in the shipping stages. For more information on how to go in and update your shipping address, please go here for a step-by-step:

$50+ behind-the-scenes diaries

If you are a $50+ backer - and pledged before 20th May - but you didn't receive the email to access our behind-the-scenes diaries, comment below or message us on Kickstarter and we'll get you access. NOTE: if you pledged after the 20th May, your email and access will be to you in a couple of weeks.

Livestream next week!

We’re going to be live-streaming on YouTube on Thursday 23rd June 11am - 2pm NZST. This will be a stream to wrap up the Kickstarter campaign and remind people to get their pledge confirmations in, so come and hang out!

If you have any other questions, comment below on this post!

Thanks again for your incredible generosity and for being so responsive to answering our BackerKit pledge confirmation—even though it may not seem like much as an individual backer, you have no idea how tremendously helpful these are to help us track and fulfil your rewards :) 

You're all legends!